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Baby/Infant Car Seat Online Shopping Guide

Buying an infant car seat is not an easy decision as there are a range of options available and some seats can prove to be better than others.

The most important factor is of course the comfort of your infant. It is important to check reviews and make proper research before you decide on buying an infant car seat.



The infant car seats available nowadays come with a lot of comfort elements factored in. There is a lot of technology that is used to make the ride as comfortable as possible for your child. The new carriers can be installed easily and come with very clear and specific instructions. You must make sure that the seats give your baby enough room. They must also be good enough till the baby grows to a particular weight and height.



Convertible carrier seats are recommended by experts. They face the rear until the child reaches a weight of around 25 to 30 pounds and then it is turned around to face forward. This ensures that you will not have to replace the seat as the baby grows.



Safety is undoubtedly the most important factor in choosing an infant car seat. They must be sturdy and it must be easy to secure the carrier easily to the carriage. Many parents use the lightweight car seat as an infant carrier, a feeding chair or even as a rocker. You can easily take your child from one destination to another without waking them up. There are many things that you must consider before buying an infant car seat.



Installation is one of the most important aspects of an infant car seat. If the manual looks too complicated to follow simply avoid it. If the installation is not proper because of poorly followed instructions as it happens on many occasions, it can expose your child to risk of accidents. Seats that require frequent adjustments must be avoided. Go for simple, easy to use infant car seats for best results.

Safety Harness


You can consider an infant car seat with a five point safety harness to enhance the safety factor. They are safer than plastic cords or T-bar restraints as they secure your child at all points to enable them to enjoy a jerk-free ride. Belts must have front adjustment provisions so that you can work on it conveniently when the need arises. Your infant car seat must have tethers to ensure greater levels of safety.

For reasons of safety, it is advisable to buy car infant seats from reputable manufacturers. Always avoid used car seats for infants.

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Top 5 Adventure Gear Companies You Should Know About & Why

The adventure gear companies listed below are a must for any adventure & outdoor enthusiast.

These aren’t for the ladies that shop endlessly for the sexiest evening dress, but instead for those that like the thrill of adventure and the great outdoors.



The primary goal of the company is to be socially and environmentally friendly. Yvon Chouinard was the founder of the company. He was an activist, climber, surfer, and environmentalist who led in establishing the mission.

All business practices of the company such as means of production and supply chain are entirely clear. All employees in the company are treated equally, the environment and pay is encouraging.
Also, the company supports global environmental projects by contributing one percent.



Similar to Patagonia, the company obtained its name from a South American destination, and has the same objectives. The company manufactures travel and outdoor gears, and a good percentage of the sale is used in supporting worldwide charities, such as orphanages in Bolivia and Tanzania, which supports quality health and education.



The company is based in Britain, and manufactures different outdoor gears, such as the lightest waterproof jacket you can find in the market. The company works by manufacturing quality products, while reducing environmental impacts.
Therefore, the company colors it fabrics in a manner that reduces the amount of water required for dyeing. Also, the company is currently using recycled materials to produce eco-friendly gears.

4. United by Blue


The company was founded in 2010, and its outdoor and travel gears manufacturing process is environmental friendly. Besides, the company cleans up a pound of wastes in lakes, rivers, oceans and waterways. So far they removed 248,000 pounds of solid waste in 22 states, having organized 135 cleanup events.

5. Osprey Packs


The company is based in Colorado, manufacturing one of the best outdoor gears. The company repairs their products, irrespective of age. Besides, they are concerned about the environment, hence the inside of their bags are stitched with tenets of leave no trace. Besides, they used recycled materials in making their packs and shipping materials. Additionally, they compensate for any emissions released while shipping their products.

Where to Shop

Best Websites To Buy Outdoor Clothing


Best Websites To Buy Outdoor Attire

Finding outdoor clothing can be quite a challenge for the outdoor lovers. Outdoor activities require the right attire which offers versatility and comfort as activities involve a lot of movements. There are many websites where you can find outdoor attire. is the oldest outdoor websites. is a website that did not take long after its establishment to move up the rank. REI offers outdoor recreation services and also sells sporting items, camping gear, travel equipment as well as other outdoor clothing. It has a total of 143 stores in over 30 states. You can also purchase your items via online platforms. is well designed, and one can easily navigate through. It has also incorporated filtering options allowing for an easy search, along with advice on how to purchase or use a product if you are having trouble. is a beautiful site to find a nice product. is among the biggest discount online retailers. They stock everything from outdoor gear to tents to all sporting equipment. Backcountry has seen a rapid increase becoming the only retailer that competes with REI for the lead position. The company has gone ahead to introduce discount and One Deal At Time categories. There have  also added websites like Their products are highly discounted. What is more, for a great bargain you are bound to get a high-quality clothing.  Here are some of the things that Backcountry offers. is another great site which offers outdoor gear for backpacking, hiking, mountaineering and climbing. This site is less specialized. There are a lot of backpacking attire; however, they mainly concentrate on climbing attire and equipment. They have a great variety of climbing shoes, climbing ropes, and crampons. The site is well organized, and you can find what you want easily. You can be certain to find any type of climbing attire and equipment here. is a site that retails climbing, camping, footwear and travel attire. Compared to REI, it has a vast variety of items. They have climbing gear, bike shops as well as water sports department which has canoes, kayaks, water gear and accessories. It also has a vast selection of camping tents in all shapes and sizes along with the camping gear. They have a lot of sales and discounts on different items. Looking at the customer reviews, they deliver the items on time and have a very friendly customer care. is an all-around shop. It sells all types of outdoor clothing. If you are going hiking, traveling, skiing, kayaking, surfing, climbing, snowboarding, or any other outdoor activity, you are guaranteed to find the right attire here along with the necessary equipment. It is a one-stop online retailer. You find all the items which you may not get anywhere else. Besides, they are also competitively priced.

These are some of the best online retailers for outdoor clothing. However, they are others which are not badly off. Should you miss a gear in any of these sites, you can as well check,,,, Planet Gear, and Leftlane Sports. A site like specializes in women shoes, so as a woman, you are guaranteed to find the best outdoor shoes, you have been looking for.

Shopping Online

Getting the Sizes Right When You Shop Online


Online shopping has brought in a lot of convenience for many shoppers. You can buy your favorite clothing item from your preferred designer and in the style that suits you from your home’s comfort. You do not have to move from one store to another; you can get virtually any fashion item online. In fact, there is more variety than there is in local stores. However, as much as there is an unparalleled convenience in shopping online, you don’t have the advantage of trying your garments on before buying them. If they don’t come in the right size, then they will be of no benefit to you. Below are tips to help you getting the sizes right  when you shop online.

Get Your Measurements Right
The first step in ensuring that you get clothes that perfectly fit you is getting your size correctly. If you are not sure of how to take measurements, then you can ask a professional or a friend to do it for you. The measurements have to be up to date; if your waist was 38 inches five months ago, don’t assume that you are still 38”.

Pick the Right Online Retailers
Some retailers offer to work with you until you get the right size, while others do not. Before ordering, be sure that if after buying, the clothes are not fitting, then the retailer can exchange them, at no extra cost. At the same time, ensure that they have a sizing chart that is accurate.

Buy Clothes which are Clearly Sized Clothes
Every now and then, you will find some retailers who sell clothes that are labeled as either small, medium, large or extra large. Do not buy from such retailers since the sizes are vague. A size 32” may be considered as large in China, while the same 32” can be regarded as a medium size in the US. Ensure that the seller is size specific.

Locate Sizing Information
Be sure to look for sizing information from the online boutique that you intend to buy from. In most cases, the retailers will have information specifying their sizing standards and if they vary with regular ones. If no information is available, then do not hesitate to ask them, remember it’s your money that is at stake.

Following these suggestions will ensure that you purchase clothing items in the right size. It will save you the risk of putting on unfitting outfits, guaranteeing that you only wear clothes that leave you feeling and looking best.